About Us

Creating customized & revolutionary solutions to meet the vision you have for your home.


Fall in love with your home all over again.

Magick Woods was founded with revolutionary, visionary, and progressive home solutions in mind. With a passion for cabinetry and a master’s thesis as a blueprint, the founder of Magick Woods was merely a co-op student in university when his dream began to unfold. He started his business with a simple vision in mind: dissecting every facet of ordinary products, like bathroom vanities and kitchen cabinets, and understanding how to improve them to make them extraordinary.

He soon realized that to deliver products of this quality using existing manufacturing and material sourcing practices meant that only a small number of customers would be able to afford them. But his goal was not to cater to the wealthy. Instead, he strove to maintain beauty and functionality while also aiming to reduce prices by at least 70 per cent.

Everything Can Be Improved

Over the next few years, he examined every facet of the materials, finishes, and transportation to achieve this reduction. He developed new manufacturing processes and acquired new sourcing partners that allowed the company to provide the best-quality designs and craftsmanship at revolutionary prices.

Using this as a pillar from which to build his company, he ingrained the principle of “everything can be improved” into his team. At its core, Magick Woods drives its progress with this fundamental belief. We are the ultimate perfectionists, with attention to detail being one of our biggest drivers. Everything about our products has been carefully considered and painstakingly perfected to the right specifications.


The Exact Cabinet
Equals Amazing Results

Whether you are researching our opening price point vanities or top-of-the-line kitchens, know that we use the right components at the right quality for fair prices. We never over- or under-engineer our products. They are exactly right for every application. While this may sound complex, there’s nothing complicated about it. We worry about the details, so you don’t have to.